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How to help a drug addict

Family, friends, as a rule, very much want to help a drug addict, but often help takes the wrong kind. Since there is no correct understanding of their actions, what is the help?

For the family, a drug addict is a huge burden, since with the severity of the consequences of drug addiction all relatives are confronted. Shame, guilt, fear, anxiety, anger and frustration are the daily feelings of family members who are concerned that their beloved son / daughter are addicts. The whole family constantly harbors contradictory feelings: anger or anger is replaced by pity, love and a desire to help. So let’s look at some tips on what can be done.

Find out all the facts about drug addiction, a specific kind of drug used by a teenager.

Drug addiction thrives in ignorance. Only when you understand the signs, consequences, characteristics and dynamics of the development of drug addiction can you learn to respond more effectively to its symptoms. Realizing that drug addiction is a disease, relatives will treat the addict like a seriously ill patient, and not a “finished person”.

When it comes to understanding that the problem is not in the parents: they are bad or good, poor / rich, then it is easier to fight the drug addiction of a teenager. This understanding will help to overcome shame, blame for the family. Therefore it is important to consult with specialists, with recovering former drug addicts.

This will help you avoid loneliness in the fight against drug addiction, the child will also instill confidence that in this fight you can win. Hearing the stories of others, seeing the convalescents, you get an additional stimulus to fight, without lowering your hands.

Refrain from providing financial support to a drug addict.

A drug addict always needs money, so he seeks financial recharge, which can be provided in various ways. For example, it can offer its services: go for groceries, pay utility bills or invent another reason to get money in hands, which then will spend on the drug.

Sometimes there is such absurdity – a compassionate mother gives money to her son a drug addict, as it is a pity to look at the tortures of a child when breaking. Mother painful to look at the suffering, therefore, gives money for the next dose. This “veal service” only prolongs the consequences of drug dependence with subsequent death.

Many drug addicts agreed to drug treatment because they could not find the money to buy the next dose. Consequently, they experienced symptoms of withdrawal, and then sought help.

Do not delay with treatment.

Having received the assurance that a son or daughter is abusing drugs, one should begin their Drug addiction treatment as soon as possible. The sooner they receive help, the greater the likelihood of a full recovery. Before starting treatment, a teenager is more likely to avoid the addict’s fate.

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